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Leon Kelly and Dan Lingamfelter are your hosts on this terrifying journey through horror movie history. And while we are not brothers in the traditional sense, we consider ourselves “brothers in blood” as medical examiners and forensic pathologists sharing a life-long love of horror movies. 


We grew up in the flickering VHS fueled light of 80’s slashers and B-movie monsters. 

We speak the language of all things gore and cherish the communal screams of a darkened movie theater.  It has been our dream to spread the joy of watching (sometimes really good and sometimes hilariously bad) horror movies to the Colorado Springs community.


In 2009, Leon and Dan held the first horror fest at a remote cabin, deep in the woods of the Rocky Mountains with a fanatical group of very brave friends.  We viewed the scariest movies we could unearth over that inaugural weekend.  Through themed meals, cocktails, trivia, and stories of scary movie memories, a horror community was born.  We forged a small band of comrades whose lives had been touched by these shared movie experiences.  That original frightful weekend grew over the past decade… adding to the shenanigans, escalating the insanity of the scares and transitioning from just watching horror movies to also kind of being in one.  We built a cult following of companions who love scary movies and were crazy enough to follow us into the woods, where as every horror fan knows, almost anything can happen.  Now, Six Feet Under brings this one-of-a-kind interactive horror movie film fest experience to Stargazers Theater in Colorado Springs.


The Six Feet Under Horror Fest is the culmination of a life-long passion for horror movies and a reflection of our core belief that life is best lived in a dark theater, surrounded by best friends, laughing, screaming, and getting the holy crap scared out of you. 


Join us… we have such sights to show you!

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